We release our vertiports management and AAM strategic vision in Bluenest Whitepaper 1.0

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The mobility industry is constantly incorporating emerging technologies that empower and reshape how we live, work, travel and move.

Mobility is essential to the whole of society, allowing people to connect with places, while configuring how we liveour lives. Social changes in recent decades have notably altered how we use the transportation systems and further changes leading to aerial mobility in 3D will likely be even morerevolutionary.

With the recent publications from the EASA, FAA, NASA and other organisations, related to vertiports and UAM/AAM, the importance of infrastructure in Advanced Air Mobility has become evident. There is a growing demand for these new air mobility services based on cutting-edge technologies. While there are huge challenges that need to be tackled, we need to provide our first answers and solutions.

Bluenest first proposals for the vertiports’ network, ecosystem architecture, conceptual designs and related assumptions are subject to further adaptations to comply with evolving standards and regulations, further studies (e.g. structure, wind impact and noise) and tailor made analysis to the sites of construction, among other factors and constraints to be considered. It is expected that we propose a phased approach where we will increase complexity andefficiency in operations, being our first deployment of vertiports based on seamless and light weight structures.

We are the Globalvia's innovation business line for Advanced Air Mobility and vertiports management. Our objective is to be a key player in this new infrastructure for air logistics, passenger transportation and other amazing applications offered by eVTOLs. Putting the citizen at the center, we design, build and operate vertiports’ networks that will connect the new air routes with mobility on the ground, guaranteeing safe, efficient and intermodal operations for all the actors in this new domain. We aim to enhance the life quality of our citizenship, connect different ways of transport, unlock congested cities and bring closer remote areas by bridging and connecting people and goods. Furthermore, we want to add value across all the UAM chain while also minimizing the carbon foot print involved. Our vertiports aspire to be the nest for all eVTOLs wishing to land in this new 3D mobility concept.

We hope you enjoy our vision, strategic focus, technological approach and early conceptual designs. Our common goal is enabling the safe integration of vertiports within urban and non-urban areas laying the foundations and paving the airways for the AAM industry to take off. There are endless opportunities ahead of us and we are more than willing to contribute as pioneers.

We would like to acknowledge all our partners involved in the elaboration of this technical document.

Sky is not the limit anymore!

Click HERE to download our Vertiports Whitepaper

Bluenest team