We join forces strategically with eVertiSKY to supercharge AAM/UAM Projects

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Bluenest by Globalvia, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and eVertiSKY, based in Chicago, U.S., have united to supercharge the commercialization, optimization, and deployment of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) projects, ushering in a new era in global mobility.

This transformative collaboration combines Bluenest by Globalvia's pioneering expertise in vertiport operations and infrastructure with eVertiSKY's renowned proficiency in ground and airspace infrastructure. Unified in their mission, they offer an integrated solution that leverages each company's core strengths, driving operational efficiency across the industry, from ground space to airspace architecture.

Bluenest is Globalvia's innovation business line for AAM and vertiports management. Globalvia is a world leader in managing transport infrastructure concessions and mobility services with operations in 11 countries. Bluenest by Globalvia strives for technologically agnostic and interoperable vertiport operations, optimizing the entire UAM journey and aiming to become leaders in UAM infrastructure and vertiport operations.

Bluenest by Globalvia Managing Director, Jose Ignacio Rodriguez, adds: "By joining forces, we aim to pioneer in UAM infrastructure, serving aerial logistics, passenger transport, and various other applications offered by eVTOLs. Our network of agnostic vertiports is designed for interoperability and environmental sustainability."

On the other end of this strategic alliance, eVertiSKY, has secured contracts for 6 vertiport projects globally as single-source provider of comprehensive ground space and airspace infrastructure for Commercial Low Altitude Airspace (CLAA), featuring world class sustainable UAM vertiport design alongside their digital platform for airspace structures for modular and safe airspace.

Sandra Formenton, Founder and CEO of eVertiSKY: "The partnership between eVertiSKY and Bluenest by Globalvia propels momentum to move our industry forward. It provides us with the opportunity to collectively enhance our projects, demonstrating the compelling results of collaborative efforts in advancing our field."

eVertiSKY is actively working to integrate Bluenest by Globalvia as a pivotal partner in their projects, entrusting them with the crucial role of vertiport operators. This concept not only amplifies accessibility of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) but also serves as a catalyst for economic development. Moreover, it champions eco-sustainability and ensures the utmost safety in UAM operations within the Commercial Low Altitude Airspace (CLAA). It’s important to note that eVertiSKY’s approach is vertiport – agnostic, allowing for the versatile application of their software defined airspace  platform across various projects, further enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of UAM solutions.

Bluenest by Globalvia and eVertiSKY are steadfast in their determination to tackle operational challenges currently impeding progress in the UAM sector. Together, they aim to deliver unmatched benefits to cities, communities, and stakeholders worldwide. Their collective expertise guarantees a world-class vertiport experience, ushering in synergies and innovation at every step of the journey.

Both companies share a strong commitment to advancing early AAM deployment and revolutionizing how cities envision and incorporate UAM infrastructure into their urban environments. This groundbreaking agreement redefines the role of UAM infrastructure in urban planning and well suited to capitalize eVertiSKY’s Vertiport as Anchor strategy.