Open House Madrid awards luis vidal + arquitectos for its innovative proposal for Vertiports for Bluenest by Globalvia

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Madrid, 29 September 2022

The futuristic landscapes of science fiction cinema where short-distance air transport prevails are close to becoming commonplace thanks to the innovative design of Vertiports commissioned by Bluenest from luisvidal + arquitectos.

The architecture firm, author of some of the main international airports in the world -with works such as the acclaimed Heathrow Terminal 2- has embarked on this new adventure at the request of Bluenest, the urban air mobility and vertiport business line of Globalvia, a leader in transport infrastructure management.

“This is an urban model for the landing and takeoff of drones, both for last mile delivery tasks and for transport of people. We have developed 4 flexible models that allow their implementation at different scales and in different parts of the city.” – Explains Vidal.  “A ring with two points of contact with the ground, which curves and rises at the other two ends to release the lower level and thus generate a space of added value for the community”.

Open House Madrid has recognized the potential of this innovative project, chosen as the Best Mobility Proposal at 2022 City Awards.

With this award, the institution recognizes the success of an architectural studio whose trajectory already stands out in the mobility sector. luis vidal + arcquitectos already has a portfolio of more than 200 projects, including the recently inaugurated Arturo Merino Benítez airport in Santiago de Chile and the Cibao International Airport, under construction in the Dominican Republic. In the United States, the study leads the expansion of six airports in the country, which places them as leaders in the current airport panorama.

The award was received by Andoni Arrizabalaga, Talent and Innovation Director at luis vidal + archiquectos, and by Fernando Vallejo, Innovation and Systems Director of Globalvia and Managing Director of Openvia, during the awards dinner that took place on Tuesday, 27 September.

“For Bluenest, this recognition is another incentive in our strategy to create and manage the best vertiports of the future. We fully trust luis vidal + arquitectos team and we are grateful for the excellent work they are doing, which materializes in exclusive designs combining safety and comfort for our users.” - Fernando Vallejo highlights.

This award is added to the list of more than 50 recognitions given to works by the luis + vidal arquitectos, including the T2 of Heathrow International Airport in London, which has received the award for Best Terminal in the World at the Skytrax 2018, the 2016 Green Good Design Award from the Chicago Atheneum, and the 2015 Best International Architecture Award from The European Center, among many others.