DM-AirTech and Bluenest by Globalvia have signed an agreement to collaborate on automating vertiport operations

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Urban Air Mobility’s scale-up will be based on deployment of the right infrastructure and vertiport management services, which require unprecedent high resolution weather solutions andanalytics to be successful.

DM-AirTech (DMAT) and Bluenest by Globalvia have an on-going collaboration which materializes since May 2023, when Bluenest’s vertiport management system integrated the weather management system VertiMonitor. With this MoU the twocompanies materialize the intention to work collaboratively towards technological enhancements and commercialization.  

Bluenest is the advanced air mobility business line of Globalvia, a multinational leader in managing transport infrastructure concessions and mobility services with operations in 10 countries across three continents. Bluenest is designing vertiports, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) facilities for airtaxis and drones, to connect cities, places, and people. Vertiports are expected to reduce congestion, pollution, and travel time in urban areas.

DMAT is a startup based in Europe, which was conceived in 2016 and was born in 2021 from two ex-Airbus engineers to build a technology able to fill the urban wind gap and enable safe flight operations also in the urban environment. Since 2021, DMAT injects weather intelligence into AAM stakeholders’ business planning such as demand and service availability analysis, vertiport siting due-diligence and is now getting equipped to support flight operations of drones and eVTOLs by implementing high-resolution and urban-aware weather forecasts.

 “Bluenest by Globalvia has a pioneering attitude and a hands-on approach which are instrumental to concretely test and configure the disrupting services that are required to make UAM work. From this collaboration, we expect to identify Vertiport Management System requirements and test them at an early stage“ said Dr.-Eng. Dario Milani, CEO of DM-AirTech.
DM-AirTech is a great asset and the right partner for assessing ourfirst sites and vertiport designs, validating strategically the air routes with timely accurate meteorological forecasts and guaranteeing safe clearance for take-off and landing operations in the tactical phase. We are eager to continue our fruitful cooperation in RnD projects and real vertiport tests relying on the best data for the best Decision Making” said José Ignacio Rodríguez, Managing Director of Bluenest by Globalvia.