Vertiports for every location

Passenger transportation vertiports are designed to facilitate both intracity and intercity mobility, as well as permit access to areas far from the urban center, such as airports.


Vertiports Typologies

Vertiport Size S / Elevated

The plaza under the VTOL platform offers a transport exchange space, containing charging stations for electric cars, as well as bicycle parking and a bus stop. This is a new form of sustainable mobility and a new intercity transport system for the cities of the future.

Vertiport Size Sß / Resting

A simplified, economical model with enhanced flexibility. The platform rests on the ground to save costs and is made up only of a light cover and a translucent enclosure covering the access control area to the FATO.

Vertiport Size Sw / Water

Supported by a floating platform to adapt to areas with water, which additionally generates a perimetrical promenade around the vertiport, providing access to the FATO.

Vertiport Size Mß / Variable

Using a variable number of stands to accomodate a higher volume of passengers, with a perimetrical route around each which provides access without interrupting the flow of passengers arriving by VTOL.

Vertiport Size Mw / Water

Stands are added around the FATO to facilitate greater passenger flow. As a water vertiport, the entire structure is supported by a floating platform that creates a perimetrical promenade around it.